Piano Moving Services

Piano moving services feels. Much like playing the piano, moving one is an art, for it requires a certain level of patience and attention to get it just right. Because these instruments are so delicate, moving them can be stressful if you don’t hire professionals to help you out. If you’re in the process of moving in Atlanta, Charlotte or Raleigh, our team at Piano Moving Services will safely and successfully relocate your piano.

Benefits of Professional Piano Moving Services

Moving a piano is no easy task, for every bump or scratch can be damaging to the outside of the piano as well as the quality of the instrument’s tonality. When you hire a team of professionals to move your piano, they have the tools and experience they need in order to successfully move your piano without causing any damage. Additionally, they will know how to protect your prized instrument from the raw elements of the weather when moving the piano from house to house.

Piano Moving in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh

If you’re relocating in the southeastern region of the states, we can extend our piano moving services right to your doorstep. With our flexible agendas and caring employees, we will be able to work with you no matter how tight your moving schedule may be. From door to door, we will transport your piano in our state of the art trailers and trucks to give your instrument the highest level of protection while on the roads.

Our Services Beyond Moving

Though we offer the best piano moving services around, we do so much more than move your piano from your old home to your new one. We have full restoration and tuning services so that your piano will look and sound like-new again, even after being moved from one environment to the next.

When we arrive at your new abode, we will place the piano in the room which you see best fit and help you reassure that it is the best space in the house for the instrument. If you are in that moving-limbo phase, we also have storage and piano removal services which will take some of the weight off of your shoulders when trying to relocate your household.

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